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The physical refining plant processes crude palm oil to RBD Palm Oil, and has 1,500 Metric Tonnes Processing capacity of Crude Palm Oil per day and is supplied by Alfa Laval, the world leaders in palm oil refining. The plant currently installed by Agri Asia

The presently installed Vegetable Oil Dry Fractionation Plant was supplied and erected by LIPICO. This plant can fractionate a total of 800 Metric Tonnes of RBD palm oil per day. Most of the facilities are made of stainless steel. The heart of this plant is
Consumer-Packed Products

Margarine is an emulsion of water-in-fat, resembling butter in appearance, character and composition. Small quantities of other ingredients, such as salt, flavors and emulsifiers, may be incorporated through either the fatty phase or the aqueous phase.

We have a total of 11 packing lines with an entire range to cater to the multiple requirements of our customers and Agri Asia is able to pack any size needed.
 Sales, Marketing & Distribution
Sourcing – Plantations and Oil Mills   Palm Oil Trading and Distribution
Agri Asia's key strength in the palm oil business is centered not only in our processing and refinery expertise, but also around our ability to source for good quality oil direct from the plantations and oil mills of Malaysia. Agri Asia has a strong network and working relationship with oil palm plantations, mills and other refineries for sourcing crude palm oil and the manufacture of end-user products from crude palm oil and palm kernel oil. 

To ensure the steady supply of crude palm oil, Agri Asia off-takes most of the oil, by tying up with the oil mills in Indonesia and Malaysia. This completes the supply chain of palm oil to ensure the economics of the operations to allow for maximization of profit margins. With better control over the quality of oil throughout the whole production cycle increases efficiencies to produce a wider variety of palm oil products for a more global and wider market outreach
  Agri Asia has been trading and marketing palm oil products for the past 20 years and has an extensive global network of suppliers and customers that is steadily growing. Having an established network around the globe with good partners allows the Group to do the distribution of palm products to countries like India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Middle East. This distribution channel helps to complete the supply chain of the palm oil business and Agri Asia is targeting to expand this business to more emerging markets.