The presently installed Vegetable Oil Dry Fractionation Plant was supplied and erected by LIPICO. This plant can fractionate a total of 800 Metric Tonnes of RBD palm oil per day. Most of the facilities are made of stainless steel. The heart of this plant is the filter press, which is manufactured and supplied by ANDRITZ, a German manufacturer. The eight 40 Metric Tonnes insulated vessels where the crystallization takes place are also of stainless steel. The control systems are managed by SCADA system. The main function of this plant is to separate the RBD Olein and RBD Stearin from the RBD Palm Oil.

Fractionation Operating Capacity: 800 MT daily

  • 600MT/Day production of RBD Palm Olein
  • 200 MT/Day production of RBD Palm Stearin
  • Fully Automated Plant
  • All Stainless Steel Materials
  • Latest Technology from LIPICO, ANDRITZ and SCADA.