The physical refining plant processes crude palm oil to RBD Palm Oil, and has 1,500 Metric Tonnes Processing capacity of Crude Palm Oil per day and is supplied by Alfa Laval, the world leaders in palm oil refining. The plant currently installed by Agri Asia is of the Hi-Top design, which is one of the latest and most economical refinery plant designed. The pipe lines, valves, vessels, pumps and accessories are of stainless steel. The instrumentation and other equipment like heat exchangers, flow meters and pumps used to control refining operations are specially imported and supplied by Alfa Laval.

Refinery Operating Capacity: 1500 MT daily

  • Fully automated
  • Stainless Steel Oil Processing and Storage Facilities
  • Latest Refining Technology by Alfa Laval
  • MPOB Support Technology
  • Environmental Friendly Plant fitted with Green Technology